poniedziałek, 22 sierpnia 2011

A bit behind

Preparing a new expo at the begining of October called "Memories.." so a bit behind with adding new post atm :( Hope to be back very soon :)

czwartek, 4 sierpnia 2011

Grixdale sale - closing down

Yesterday i found out about "Grixdale" sale as it is closing down. Everything is from 50-100L$.
Really worth to stop by ;)
I couldn't resist and bought a nice summer dress in cream colour.
Go there and grab what you like ;)

Dress : Grixdale - Sun Of a Gun - Vintage Doll by Tyr Rozenblum - closing sale
Hair:    Magika  - Magika Robin (Brown - Chestnut) by  - sale in store
Skin:   [Plastik] - Ataciara Melody by Aikea Rieko- group gift
Shoes: Shiny Things - MaryGeos Brown by - discount items
Eyes :  Insufferable Dastard - ID shine eyesv.2 (brown) by Audrey Lamede - not free
Pose: Mrs Glamour

środa, 3 sierpnia 2011

Cadeling Garden - Karazhan

As a first place i wished to show you Karazhan . It is very sentimental place for me. Amazing place with a lot of to see like oryginal gazebo, wooden ladders and plants :)
You can make a few shopping over there too, mostly shapes, skins and some clothes :)
Just a few from many pictures from Karazhan:

Taxi : Karazhan

Well that's me..

I start my journey in second life long time ago with good and bad moments as we all.
I finally decided to start this blog with fashion and places from second life.

I will soon post photos and you will see ^ _ ^
Huggs and kisses :)