niedziela, 16 października 2011

"Memories" - exhibition

Finally my exhibition called "Memories" is ready. It is very special event for me as i put a lot of feelings and emotions in every picture.
We all have got memories from our past, i tried to keep only the good ones, bad i throw away from my memory.
“For some life lasts a short while, but the memories it holds last forever.”
This words say everyting.

Let me show you few of arts from exhibition, please stop by and see more before it will finish :)

here is the taxi

poniedziałek, 22 sierpnia 2011

A bit behind

Preparing a new expo at the begining of October called "Memories.." so a bit behind with adding new post atm :( Hope to be back very soon :)

czwartek, 4 sierpnia 2011

Grixdale sale - closing down

Yesterday i found out about "Grixdale" sale as it is closing down. Everything is from 50-100L$.
Really worth to stop by ;)
I couldn't resist and bought a nice summer dress in cream colour.
Go there and grab what you like ;)

Dress : Grixdale - Sun Of a Gun - Vintage Doll by Tyr Rozenblum - closing sale
Hair:    Magika  - Magika Robin (Brown - Chestnut) by  - sale in store
Skin:   [Plastik] - Ataciara Melody by Aikea Rieko- group gift
Shoes: Shiny Things - MaryGeos Brown by - discount items
Eyes :  Insufferable Dastard - ID shine eyesv.2 (brown) by Audrey Lamede - not free
Pose: Mrs Glamour

środa, 3 sierpnia 2011

Cadeling Garden - Karazhan

As a first place i wished to show you Karazhan . It is very sentimental place for me. Amazing place with a lot of to see like oryginal gazebo, wooden ladders and plants :)
You can make a few shopping over there too, mostly shapes, skins and some clothes :)
Just a few from many pictures from Karazhan:

Taxi : Karazhan

Well that's me..

I start my journey in second life long time ago with good and bad moments as we all.
I finally decided to start this blog with fashion and places from second life.

I will soon post photos and you will see ^ _ ^
Huggs and kisses :)